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In this podcast, Dr. Sushal Shanthakumar, the Best Shoulder Pain doctor in Jayanagar, going to discuss about “Shoulder pain after breast cancer treatment” Breast cancer treatment is a life-saving treatment and there are no two ways about its necessity, adequacy and curing capabilities. As you may know, cancer cannot be cured with mild treatment and when protecting the life of the patient is paramount, it calls for strong treatment modalities.  We are fortunate to have so many targeted treatments.  Due to the intensity of the breast cancer treatment, it may leave the patient with some side effects post the treatment regimen.  Physical ailments that arise out of breast cancer treatment can range from minor to major.  It may include experiencing pain, numbness, and loss of mobility.  Almost all aspects of the treatment may cause stiffness, reduced range of motion of the body part and loss of strength.  The side effects may also include swelling and sensory disturbances.  One of the common repercussions post breast cancer treatment is shoulder pain.  It can become a potential challenge to go about and do your day-to-day activities, thereby limiting your body movements and affecting mentally as well.  Shoulder pain post breast cancer treatment can go to such an extent that seemingly simple household tasks like changing a ceiling light bulb or taking an item from the top shelf of the cupboard may be a hard thing to do.
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